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Five people died -- three in car crashes and two of heart attacks -- and scores were injured during the blackout. Some homes, cars and streets were damaged by shrapnel in the so-called Battle of Los Angeles. To this day, it is unclear what happened. The Japanese deny that their warplanes ever flew over Los Angeles.

Official U. Military officials blamed the incident on jitters and a wayward meteorological balloon. There is no evidence that any bombs were dropped or shots fired from the air. The most likely explanation is that the damage was done by anti-aircraft fire as it plummeted back to earth.

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Sirens howled out good news Aug. People were hugging and kissing each other.

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It was really quite spectacular. After the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb in , the United States established the Federal Civil Defense Administration to develop standards for fallout shelters and for warning the public about a nuclear attack. Old sirens were reconditioned and reactivated. The system was expanded with newer models. The subterranean trolley route ran from the Pacific Electric Building at 6th and Main streets to the Belmont Tunnel, where the trolley emerged near the intersection of Beverly and Glendale boulevards.

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  5. For a while, the tunnel housed , pounds of soda crackers, intended to keep 69, people alive for 14 days in the event of a nuclear war. The crackers were transferred to Utah after the tunnel sprang a leak during heavy rain in Later, the Belmont Tunnel was used to store automobiles confiscated in narcotics arrests. Today, much of the old subway is blocked by the foundations of nearby buildings.

    On Oct. To be with loved ones -- those who could get home -- on this, maybe the last day of the world. Ten minutes later, the telephone company realized it had been a false alarm after all.

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    School officials retrieved the teachers and children. By , then-Sheriff Peter J.

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    There are less disruptive ways to alert people today, Stanley said. About Us. Remember: Take cover, tune in, take action! How long will the sirens sound during a Tornado Warning? During a tornado warning, the Outdoor Warning Sirens will sound for three minutes.

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    This is different than the monthly test that sounds for approximately one minute. After three minutes of sound, there will be a seven minute span of quiet.

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    This cycling of three minutes of sound with a seven-minute silent pause in between, will last until the Tornado Warning has expired or the tornado warning is canceled by the National Weather Service. Do the Outdoor Warning Sirens sound an all-clear signal? During severe weather, tune in to local media and trusted media sites for updates. Can I hear the sirens indoors? Sirens are not guaranteed to be heard indoors.

    Sirens are part of the Outdoor Warning Siren System, designed specifically to alert those outside to seek immediate shelter indoors. Why do I hear the outdoor warning sirens during a thunderstorm or rain?

    Long-silenced air-raid sirens are relics from a jittery past

    The Outdoor Warning Sirens in Hamilton County will only sound during a Tornado Warning or to indicate the need to seek immediate shelter indoors. The sound you may be hearing could be from electronic lightning detection alert systems on local golf courses. These systems sound a small siren for a short period of time approximately 15 seconds if lightning is detected nearby.

    Why were the Outdoor Warning Siren guidelines developed? By adopting common outdoor warning system guidelines, confusion can be minimized and response time reduced. How can I get weather alerts when I am at work or at home?

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    6. Additional ways to get alerts include: local weather apps and trusted social media accounts. How can I stay safe during a storm? Storms have the potential to produce dangerous lightening or high winds.