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The city also produces about half of the prisoners in the state. While the city's population has shrunk and become poorer, problems like AIDS, homelessness, drugs and crime have increased rapidly. County governments help other Pennsylvania cities like Pittsburgh, but Philadelphia is a county unto itself and, thus, cannot raise revenue from its suburbs. Nor can the city tax its own residents as it wishes. State law limits the city's taxing authority, said Betsy Reveal, the city's finance director. Philadelphia has the nation's highest wage tax and the nation's highest transfer tax on real estate sales; both are about 5 percent.

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In addition, the city has the nation's highest automobile insurance rates, state officials say. People here also pay the highest fares for public transportation and taxi cabs. Some academics say the city has spun out of control. Overall residential real estate sales in the city slowed by 27 percent in the last six months, while sales in Center City slowed by 39 percent, according to the Philadelphia Board of Realtors. Seymour, chairman of the Jackson-Cross Company, a brokerage. The boom of the 's and 80's, though dying, is still delivering some good economic news: five new hotels, major highway repairs and a huge convention center that is scheduled to open in The city has had moderate growth in jobs since , after a year decline, said Ted Hershberg, a professor of public policy at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mayor Goode says the city is no worse off than any other major city and is in better condition in some respects, like safety. He said the city would be able to weather the financial crisis in the short term by selling property and restructuring debt. But he said the city could not remain ''competitive'' unless its tax system is revamped. He also defended the quality of city services and challenged assertions of a growing disenchantment. The city's crime rate increased In Center City the Philadelphia police report a sharper increase.

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Even so, Philadelphia has the lowest crime rate of the nation's 10 largest cities, with 6, crimes per , residents. He is director of the Criminal Justice Task Force, a group of city leaders who advocated changes to speed the judicial system, and he is a Center City Republican running for the State House of Representatives this year. Snyder said.

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  • Many then do not show up for the hearing. Even Philadelphians who say they love the city say they hate what has happened. The budget also makes no provision for uncontrollable expenses, including pay and benefit increases for city employees and higher borrowing costs. Reveal, the city's finance director. If, that is, the State Legislature permits Philadelphia to revise its taxes.

    An article on June 21 about a demonstration by environmentalists against wood cutting in Northern California misstated the increase in logging by the Pacific Lumber Company since its takeover by the Maxxam Group.


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    Despite the chaos and messiness of medieval mealtimes, some basic etiquette prevailed. In spite of the general easygoing attitude of the medieval period toward hygiene, table manners were not born in a vacuum. Well-born little Florentines, including Catherine, were brought up on the manual Fifty Courtesies for the Table, written by Fra Bonvicino da Riva in the s. Its ornate dining room reflects the elaborate setting in which high-society diners were taking their meals by the 17th century. To judge from the stature of some writers, table manners were no trivial matter.

    This is the manner of wolves.

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    You should pick up what you want with a knife or fork. And you should not pick out bits from all over the dish.

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    • The new, humanist etiquette went beyond outward appearance. For it is not good manners to be gloomy at dinner or to make anyone else miserable.

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      Jean-Louis Flandrin, a 20th-century culinary historian, has observed that eating customs offer important clues as to how to understand an age. The 16th-century search for shared standards of manners was an integral part of the Renaissance concept of personal betterment. Initially they were only used for grand occasions, when guests had to show that they knew how to use them properly by placing them on their left shoulder, as etiquette required. As napkin use spread, so did the use of another implement—the fork, which had to overcome huge initial resistance to establish itself as the third utensil.

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      The two-pronged fork she used to put food in her mouth caused a scandal with the Venetians, who regarded themselves as sophisticated. Even so, fork use started to spread throughout Italy. While Catherine did much to Italianize French dining habits, the fork remained rather slow to catch on.

      Widespread use of forks did not take root until much later. In , Thomas Coryat, an English traveler who adopted the custom of using a fork when in Italy, wrote how his compatriots made fun of him on his return. It was only in the 18th century that guides to manners required the use of a fork as an individual implement. By this time, writers on etiquette would have struggled to believe how much the fork, napkin, and individual plate had had to fight for their place at the table. A detailed painting of the wedding feast of Princess Isabella Clara Eugenia, daughter of Spanish king Philip II, reveals the opulence and complexity of the fine dining.