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Treating suspected autism at 12 months of age improves children's language skills

I think our opinions are highly influenced by perception and personal experience. It's difficult to prove either side of the argument.

15 Bad Habits That Age You Faster Without You Noticing It

However, there have been studies done on " emotional intelligence " that indicate we are like Cabernet, not water. Emotional intelligence is a relatively new concept. His book, "Emotional Intelligence" Bantam Books was a bestseller.

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Does Emotional Intelligence Improve with Age?

Another benefit of getting older? Time to socialize.

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  • Motion perception improves with age.
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  • A senior living community offers plenty of opportunities to make new friends and see them regularly. Happiness and well-being.

    For most people, their 20s and 30s are plagued with instability. Finding a job, starting a family and navigating financial issues may be at the center of your life.

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    Emotional experience improves with age: evidence based on over 10 years of experience sampling.

    Some types of memory actually improve as you get older. Semantic memory — your knowledge of the world and experiences, including recollection of facts and figures — resists aging. So does prospective memory — recollecting where you put your keys, when you need to pick up the dry cleaning, and so on. Older people tend to write things down and organize their lives in a way that benefits their memory. Among the perks of getting older, seniors tend to make better decisions, are more emotionally stable and become less impulsive than their younger peers, according to research.