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Emphasis on raw foods. Gorgeous interior design and calm, homely atmosphere. Accessible to all, and very clean, gender neutral toilet. To make up for this, I've uploaded photos aplenty!

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I feel such pride inviting friends and family to Earthlings to really show them how exciting wholefoods can be; and vegan on top of that is a massive bonus, it always knocks their socks off! Always a treat when I have the opportunity to visit, really makes my whole day. Wholesome on all levels. I wish I lived a little closer! Pros: Quality and presentation of food, Lovely environment and staff, Wholesome experience. As a consultant for holistic wellbeing I always suggest an organic plant based diet to every client.

I will definately be recommending this gem of an eatery to them all. High vibrational organic plant based food and beverages bursting with flavour all obviously made with love. Thank you to everyone involved in creating this little oasis and bless all who work there. Pros: Quality fresh cooked food, Friendly and relaxed atmosphere, Vegan deserts! What a treat.

Beautiful little place, very friendly staff. Food was lovely! A little pricey.. Absolutely fantastic food and spotlessly clean gets a ten from len! My first visit but definitely not my last! The food, ambience and staff were all great. Best cafe I have been to. I had the flatbread special and my friend who is a meat-eater had the superfood wrap and we both loved our food. I also had the dessert sampler which looked amazing and did not disappoint, it was so good to be able to try small pieces of lots of the desserts.

I also had delicious fresh mint tea and a soya cappuccino. Pros: Excellent food, Friendly and helpful staff, Lovely ambience and pretty interior. First visit but will definitely return! Pleasant, friendly staff. Also got salted caramel slices to go bevause they are amazing!

Beautiful food and good for you! Will be back. Cozy, stylish place although a little small. Delicious food but a little pricey in comparison to portion size. We made a special trip to Earthlings to celebrate my mum's birthday with afternoon tea. Having driven for an hour to get to what I'd believed was a vegan establishment, I was disappointed to be offered cows' milk for my tea. The menus are misleading, as each one has the word vegan at the top; vegan establishments do not offer cows' milk!

This aside, the ambiance, decor and staff were lovely and the food was beautifully presented and delicious, if a little pricey Updated from previous review on I think the pictures of the food say it all with this place, gorgeous fresh food, absolutely bursting with flavour, and the choice of drinks and desserts, all vegan friendly, was incredible. Card payments accepted, and plenty of parking around the houses at the back if you can't park in the front of the cafe - can't wait to return, well worth the journey! Hilary offers Juice Cleanse packages, to suit individual requirements, consultations, life coaching, classes and workshops and Earthlings is available for private functions to hire.

I chose celery soup, avocado and houmous sandwich served with tortilla chips, whilst my husband had the Buddha bowl with cauliflower rice. We both chose Pukka Refresh tea made of fennel, peppermint, rose and liquorice, which certainly lived up to its name. The dishes were delicious, fresh and packed with flavour and we enjoyed every morsel.

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Who could resist the dessert menu, I chose the salted caramel slice and OH mango cheesecake, presentation was stunning. I will be reminiscing about my salted caramel slice for a long while to come, as will OH and his cheesecake, how to put into words our thoughts Hilary has created an oasis in Bromley Cross, apparent by its popularity and how busy it was, many others think so too.

Earthlings is a hop skip and a jump from the rail station and although there is no parking, just a couple of spaces outside, there is off street parking.

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Only been once but well worth the travel, lovely food and nice people. Beautiful, fresh, vibrant food in a cafe that also serves juices. The menu has one soup of the day on the specials board, varied mains choices and fabulous vegan desserts. This is what we have been waiting for!!!!!! Pros: Excellent food. Large portions. Cons: Perhaps wipeable menu would be aesthetically more , Lovely desserts. Perhaps consider offering afterno. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days.

Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Up the Duff Edition The real guide to pregnancy. Just as last night's performance showcased Koreanness, tonight's program is American. Antonin Dvorak was Czech, but he wrote the New World Symphony in America, and it conveys the immigrant's sense of excitement at the diversity of American cultural traditions.

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George Gershwin's An American in Paris is also about the discovery of a different culture. I have been to several cultural performances during my six visits to North Korea. All of them before this trip have been steeped in political propaganda. Now I am listening to music being performed perhaps with a bit of a message in mind, but primarily for the sake of entertaining. The concert is broadcast live on North Korean television and radio at the Philharmonic's request , but it is hard to gauge how much impact this has.

Television ownership is patchy outside Pyongyang and power cuts or the cost of batteries make radio-listening a challenge. But the several hundred members of North Korea's elite in the theatre tonight appear delighted by the music, and by the conductor Lorin Maazel's barely comprehensible attempts to speak a few words of Korean.

The most delighted response is to the final encore, a piece of Korean folk music called Arirang. On both sides of the Korean divide this song evokes a longing for unity. By playing it on this occasion the Americans appear to challenge one of the main tenets of North Korean propaganda: that Americans want a divided peninsula. Of all the pieces played tonight, this one is most likely to give pause for thought among Pyongyang officials.

The State Department, which has been backing the Philharmonic all the way with this trip, would very much approve of the choice if it wasn't actually made by people in or close to the administration. Another banquet and much self-congratulation by orchestra leaders. If they are disappointed by Kim Jong Il's absence they show no sign of it neither did the secretary of state Condoleezza Rice show up, despite rumours that she might. The concert may well produce little in the way of diplomatic dividends, but this evening the orchestra basks in the sense it that has made history.

As far as I can remember this is the first time I have deliberately done so since such machines became indispensable in my profession anyway in the s. They cannot be brought into North Korea. The government's fear, I suspect, is that phones might be given to local citizens who could use them to communicate, unmonitored, with the outside world. At the airport in Beijing an orchestra official collects mobiles from journalists who still have them and promises they will be returned when we re-emerge from North Korea. I feel distinctly uncomfortable and disoriented without that familiar weight in my pocket.

Several of us in the press corps suddenly realise that we depend on our mobile telephones to tell the time and wake us up.

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I also use mine to access the internet and read news. Eric Latzky, the Philharmonic's spokesman, had warned us that communication in North Korea would be slower and more old-fashioned than usual. But I am suffering withdrawal symptoms. We are spoiled, however, by having a chartered Boeing provided for the orchestra and its entourage by South Korea's Asiana Airlines. The alternative would have been North Korea's Air Koryo, which has dismal safety standards. This is not a familiar route for Asiana, as is evident when a female voice tells us on arrival not to use our mobile phones until we are out of the plane.

If only we could, we think, as the plane taxis past bleak snow-swept fields up to a small terminal with Kim Il Sung's grinning portrait atop it. There are no other planes at the terminal; this is one of the least used airports of any capital city in the world.

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We disembark, wait for the orchestra to have souvenir pictures taken and board buses waiting on the tarmac. The grimness of North Korea envelopes us as we are driven into the city along a four-lane airport road nearly devoid of traffic. There are a few more bicycles than I remember five years ago at least through the s they were banned in Pyongyang and once in the city proper just a few more cars.

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The adjective Orwellian is used with almost tedious repetitiveness in Western media descriptions of North Korea, but it is a good one. Finally we arrive at the storey Yanggakdo Hotel on an island in the city's Taedong River—deliberately chosen it would seem by the authorities because of its remoteness from any populated neighbourhood.

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They want to limit foreigners' views of the city's grimness and forestall any potential contact with non-approved North Koreans. Ours quickly loses his temper as journalists on different deadlines scurry in different directions. It is hard to impress anyone when your economy has been in tatters for the better part of two decades, hunger is widespread, heating and electricity are erratic and food prices are soaring. But the North Koreans try very hard indeed.

The first outing for the orchestra is to the Mansudae Art Theatre where dancers, singers and musicians put on a show of folksy Korean pieces. Selecting these must have been difficult. Kim Jong Il has a lot to say on the subject of music and its need to inspire revolutionary fervour. Perhaps in deference to their capitalist guests, the North Koreans perform pieces with relatively little reference to the virtues of the Kim dynasty. The final offering, however, involves a woman in guerrilla uniform dancing in the snow at Mt Paektu where, the propaganda legend has it, Kim Jong Il was born during the Japanese occupation, which ended in The dance, it seems, is part of the cult of his mother that Mr Kim, the Dear Leader, is fostering.

When approval is granted, however, some thought must be given to gifts. I learned this hard way. In I was among a handful of foreign journalists allowed into the country to cover the extravagant 80th birthday celebrations of President Kim Il Sung he died two years later, but is still officially president, and remains close to the hearts of North Koreans in the form of a metal badge bearing his portrait worn by almost every adult. It was a difficult moment I had not , but then remembered that I had a BBC T-shirt still in its plastic wrapping at the bottom of my suitcase.

I handed it over. Toward the end of my stay my guide came to my hotel room and gave it back.

It was not acceptable, he said. It was another decade before I got back in to North Korea, fortunately well clear of late President Kim's birthday and that of his son and successor, Kim Jong Il. Today, however, I am preparing to return yet again, this time to cover a performance in Pyongyang by the New York Philharmonic. Not only will this be among the most important cultural events in North Korean history, it will also be—as some wags have said—the biggest landing of Americans since , when the Korean war ended.

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We are due to arrive in Pyongyang nine days after Kim junior's 66th birthday. Celebrations of the two Kims' birthdays go on for several days and gifts pour in from unsavoury regimes and communist diehards around the world. The Syrian defence minister sent flowers to Kim Jong Il this year.